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Big Neil/ The Big Easy- Split 7"


Image of Big Neil/ The Big Easy- Split 7"

Big Neil is the solo project of The Front Bottom's bassist, Tom Warren. Although being known for the fun, upbeat sounds of The Front Bottoms, Big Neil brings a calmer vibe, combining indie rock with folk and pop melodies. The Big Easy is an indie rock project fronted by Stephen Berthomieux. If Big Neil is your cup of tea, then The Big Easy is your cup of coffee. Loud guitars and fuzzed out, passionate vocals is the name of the game on this side. Upon listening to both sides, the title seems the most fitting, "I'm So Gone, I Ain't Got No Hope". Available/ shipping Dec 9, 2016.

Track Listing:
Big Neil- I Could Eat Gummy Bears All Day
Big Neil- I Could Lie In Bed All Day
The Big Easy- Space/Time
The Big Easy- Houston, We Have A Problem